Love them or hate them, Trash Pandas, aka Racoons, are a Kitsilano staple.

I don’t know a single dog owner that, at some point, has not had to deal with a roving band of plump furry bandits terrorizing their precious pooch. So it’s no surprise that someone decided to theme a coffee shop after them.

Hidden on Vine St, just off West 4th Avenue, this bright yellow café is a great spot for those of you that like your muffins gluten free, your coffee grass fed and your cookies vegan style. It caters to those with intolerances (both real and hippy) as well as providing a cute little social hub for the area.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: They have a template for drawing a racoon on top of any milk drink you want, so I’d suggest a mocha or latte, with a side order of their racoon cookies. Protip – on the walk home be sure to save some crumbs for your lovable bush neighbours but trust me when I say that you should definitely learn the difference between them and skunks.

Culprit Coffee, 2028 Vine Street, 604-730-0133,

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Last modified: June 12, 2018

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