I’d not be surprised if you’ve never heard of The Only Café – I hadn’t and I drive past it all the time.

This is a shame because it’s actually one of the best places to get specialty coffee in all of Kitsilano.

It’s located on West 4th, very close to Nusa Coffee but even knowing where it is means you may walk past it, like I did (hint – randomly knocking on doors in the area and shouting “ARE YOU THE ONLY CAFÉ” will mostly just annoy people).

Once you do find this place you’ll realise that what they saved on signage has been spent on creating a fantastic little café with a massive range of exotic brewing devices, coffee from roasters all over Canada and staff that make your customer experience relaxing and enjoyable.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: I won’t recommend a bean because they’re constantly changing the lineup, so instead ask them for a recommendation for something to go into their Syphon brew method.

Next up try their immersion cold brew – if you want to know what that is just look out for the giant test tube looking thing on the counter. If you’re still not wired then ask yourself why you need so much caffeine, you junkie, then go for the balancing syphon for ultimate hipster points.

The Only Cafe, 2678 West 4th Avenue, 778-379-3299, www.only-cafe.com

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Last modified: June 12, 2018

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