Uber is finally coming to BC—again. The province today announced that ride-hailing services will be allowed to operate in Vancouver this year.

Todd Stone, minister of transportation and infrastructure, stated the obvious today when he said that there was demand in BC for taxi alternatives like Uber and Lyft.

Certain measures will be implemented to ensure a “level playing field,” he added, including giving taxis certain exclusive rights and investing millions of dollars in technology for taxis. Even so, the Vancouver Taxi Association managed to call the decision unfair.

Uber tried to launch in Vancouver years ago, but was forced to leave after the city immediately imposed prohibitive restrictions on its operations. Since then, Vancouver has proven one of the most challenging cities Uber has encountered, despite locals clamoring for the service to be available in BC.

Last modified: March 8, 2017

One Response to " Uber Finally Coming to Vancouver This Year, Province Announces "

  1. Jay chandel says:

    BC is all about safety and according to new purposed policy

    ——BC passenger safety in danger——

    Any 19 year old who got drivers licence class 5 today will start working for uber tomorrow.
    There is no need for experience and training on the road. Is there is no difference between commercial taxi licences holder for years and a Newly licence holder who got licence yesterday.

    Why Icbc required passengers safety class 4 licence for years.
    And now downgrading passengers safety now?

    Number could be collected from local police stations where “CAMERA” becomes very help for safety for customers while they taking ride in taxi. Including assaults, left objects , over paying, wallets, cell phones and incidents for crime.
    Passenger Transportion branch enforce all cabs in Bc must have camera in taxis .
    All the sudden it is not safety for passengers any more?

    According to new purposed policy no boundies for taxis, means Vancouver taxi come work in Victoria and Victoria taxi goes Duncun to work.
    No trace who drop you home when you were drunk and what have you gone through that night. That’s very good safety feature . And passenger transportation branch was inforce that shutting down, and safety

    For years taxi industry are paying commercial insurance to cover there passengers and paying high premium for safety on passenger all the sudden reducing premium.

    Bc is one safety concern policy is changing . Transportation minister Todd has refused uber in past and then flipped in favour. What make that happen what is involve in the this deal.
    Why safety compromised for Bc passengers. Don’t fix until broken.
    Uber is a bad name already, history is witness wherever uber gone create problem, there is not even a single city where uber did not have problem, here in the link

    Why would be put our safety in danger by inviting uber in BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA?

    what was these hard working cab drivers fault who’s family is depend on dads earning including there kids education and all other living hood.

    And what about commitments they made on the bases on earning education fees, mortgages or rental fees, transportation etc.