A Vancouver man with a deep affection for orca whales spent most of his weekend carefully crafting nearly life-sized killer whales out of snow and sand on Jericho Beach.

“With this sudden snowfall, I thought I’m going to do it right now, while I have the chance, and see how it turns out,” Aaron Cambrin told the CBC.

Cambrin, 27, started the sculptures Friday. The smaller orca was first and took about five hours to complete. The larger figure took another eight or more hours over the next two days.

“I love killer whales with a passion from my childhood days,” Cambrin continued, who first fell for orcas as a kid visiting the Vancouver Aquarium, where he now volunteers.

Want a closer look? Check out Aaron’s 360 degree video on Facebook.

Photo: Aaron Cambrin, Facebook

Last modified: February 10, 2017

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