Of course, the moment we begin writing a post on the best ice cream in Kitsilano, the weather changes on us.

Well, all three of these sweet shops are still worth a visit during this cool spell, and as a bonus there probably won’t be any line-ups.

1. Tangram Creamery

This newest ice cream shop in the neighbourhood just opened in January of this year and it has done quite well so far. Located off of West Broadway on Arbutus and 12th Ave, their Japanese Pastry Chef Kazushi Terakawa makes everything in-house including their delicious crunchy cookie cones. Look for unusual and wonderful flavours such as the Amazake, Blackberry, Hoji Cha, and Roasted Coconut, plus they have dairy free sorbet as well. If it’s raining, enjoy your treat inside at the communal wooden table while appreciating the modern esthetic decor. 

2. 720 Sweets

Another new and fun treat shop that opened recently, 720 Sweets is located on West Broadway (across from East is East) and they are continuing the Korean trend of creamy house-made soft serve in a cup with creative toppings such as fresh honeycomb, toasted marshmallows (from local Archimallows), and fluffy cotton candy. Add to that some liquid nitrogen (they put it in the bottom, below your cup) and you have a smoking cool dessert to indulge in. They also do ice cream sandwiches and take-away pints.

3. Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Still going strong, this beloved Kits creamery on West 4th Ave uses all natural, local ingredients to produce some amazing house-made ice cream. Some of their current flavours include Coconut Salted Fudge, Blueberry Balsamic, Rose Raspberry Swirl with Shortbread, and Peanut Butter. Don’t forget to order it with their fabulous Waffle Cone. Also available are sundaes, milkshakes, and custom ice cream cakes. And try out their Taco Tuesdays for a $6+ special.

Last modified: May 22, 2017

2 Responses to " Kitsilano’s Best Ice Cream Shops "

  1. Sue Hydlop says:

    New ice cream shop just opened on west Broadway. “Dip”. So great!

  2. Dave Knorr says:

    Stopped in at the ‘DIP’ – terrible! Three small dipped cones – $14!! completely plain cone and ice-cream – albeit nice selection of dips…

    They offer sprinkles, but more of them land in the garbage than on the cone – clearly the customer is paying for the waste! I’ll make the trip down to Rain or Shine – at lease they have some reasonable portion for the price.

    Sorry DIP if I caught you on a bad day – just won’t be returning…