New York’s loss is Vancouver’s gain as fashion vanguard Liza Deymenjian brings her style and a fresh vision to Kitsilano.

With over 25 years experience in the garment manufacturing industry, Deymenjin recently returned to Vancouver after a 12-year stint in New York to launch The Cutting Room.

After months of renovating the space that was formerly Linda’s Urban Spa, Deymenjin opened the doors to The Cutting Room.


With high-gloss apple red floors and a warm industrial style, it’s an elegant space that radiates creativity and sparkle. The Cutting Room is an open concept studio/shop that does double duty. Half is devoted to pattern and sample making, grading, and the production of a number of well-known fashion brands. Some of the brands that The Cutting Room produces patterns and apparel for include Nicole Bridger, Boys’Co, and Sitka.


The other half is a place for creating and inspiring design. The Cutting Room offers quality fashion design instruction to youth and adults wanting to express their personal style. This program will take participants through the full design process, from mood-boards–to design sketching–to pattern making. For people wanting something simpler, The Cutting Room also offers sewing classes from the beginner to the advanced level.


It’s the teaching aspect of the business that excites and satisfies Deymenjian the most. “Teaching is the fulfilling part. Especially with kids; they’re amazingly creative. And it’s a chance to firsthand see the mystic behind the manufacturing of clothing.”

While you’re there be sure to check out The Cut, a retail marketplace that offers up funky fashion accessories, unique home décor, and both local and internationally designed jewelry. “It’s a springboard for designers looking for storefront exposure,” says Deymenjian. “I call it a Launchpad.”

The Cutting Room, 1888 West 1st Avenue, 604-396-9767,

Last modified: May 11, 2017

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