In a landmark deal, the City of Vancouver has bought the nine-kilometre stretch of CP Railway land known as the Arbutus Corridor, which runs north to south through Vancouver’s west side, for $55 million.

The Mayor says the corridor will become the Arbutus Greenway, a public green space for pedestrians and cyclists similar to NYC’s highline connecting neighbourhoods from False Creek to Marpole.

So far, the city’s plans include a transportation corridor featuring walking and cycling paths stretching from Marpole on the Fraser River to Kitsilano and False Creek, as well as light rail or streetcars. At a recent pop-up city hall, Vancouver residents offered creative suggestions for the space including turning an old rail car into a café, and one big wild garden.

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Given the feedback at the pop-up city hall, there may be an upcoming tug of war between residents who prioritize bike paths and residents concerned there isn’t enough room for food gardens. But at them moment, most Vancouverites are pleased that the city has solved a 15-year squabble about what to do with this underutilized space.

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Last modified: August 11, 2020

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