Calls to Vancouver’s 311 line continue to grow at an impressive pace. Some neighbourhoods are using the service more than others. Which neighbourhood uses it the most? Kitsilano.

The phone number is the first point of contact for any resident looking to ask if their community centre is open, book a city inspection or just simply vent.

“Complaint line right?” said Kristian Tocher to CBC. Tocher is a Kitsilano home-owner who has called 311 to complain about parking on his street. “Rant and rave line I guess. “People need something to feel better about ranting about I guess. Just get it off their chest.”

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The city has been collecting data from 311 calls since the service began in 2009 and does record, in which one of the 22 planning areas in the city, a complaint or request for service originates.

Kitsilano leads the way when it comes to 311 use. In 2015, residents there made 9,660 calls to 311 out of the more than 118,000 made across the city.

Did we just learn something about the amount of problems in Kitsilano? Or the people who live here? Weigh in below.

Last modified: February 9, 2017

2 Responses to " Which Vancouver neighbourhood calls and complains the most? Kitsilano "

  1. David Charles Chapman says:

    Having personally lived on Vancouver’s westside as a renter for almost 17 years, I can attest to hearing on numerous occasions whether within my own neighbourhood or one of many others throughout Kitsilano, manually ey

  2. Neil Young says:

    I’ve called twice – once for an abandoned vehicle parked outside an elderly couples house on my street, the other to ask about why crosswalk lights get the priority when activated (rather than work in conjunction with the lights at major intersections to assist with traffic flow).

    The operator on the other end was super helpful in both occasions…