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Burgoo Bistro's Mushroom Medley soup and Tastiest Chicken sandwich combo. Image credit:

Burgoo Bistro’s Mushroom Medley soup and Tastiest Chicken sandwich combo. Image credit:

Spring is in the air, almost. Sweet little snowdrops have cropped up along the sidewalk. Delicate buds have formed on the cherry trees. Cheerful daffodils are getting ready to show their sunny yellow heads. For now though, we still have a few more weeks of winter weather ahead of us. It’s a good time to warm up with a nice hearty bowl of soup, especially if you are nursing a cold or just need a bit of a break from the grey skies. Here is our selection of some of the best hearty soups in Kitsilano.

4 best hearty soups in Kitsilano

1. Burgoo Bistro’s Mushroom Medley
Whenever we feature a story around comfort food, Burgoo Bistro on West 4th always makes the list. Their Mushroom Medley soup is wonderful. Filled with wild forest mushrooms in a cream broth and finished with parsley and truffle oil, you can’t get this kind of flavour in a can. Pair it with an equally hearty sandwich for $17.

2. Tractor’s Sweet Potato & Lentil
This soup at Tractor on West 4th may not win any awards in a beauty contest but it tastes surprisingly delicious, even if you’re not a lentil fan (but you better start being a fan as it’s the year of the legume, don’t you know?). The sweetness of this soup is just right and it’s full of nutrients. $6 for a nice size bowl is a price that can’t be beat around these parts.

3. Solly’s Chicken Matzo Ball
Oh thank you good old Solly’s on West Broadway for always having plenty of Jewish penicillin on hand. Their all-natural chicken soup with those filling matzo ball dumplings will cure anything that ails you. You can purchase it frozen (don’t forget the package of matzo balls too), or enjoy it hot with a buttered bagel for $5.35.

4. Noodlebox’s Tom Yum
If it’s spice your’e after then Noodlebox on West 4th has a nice version of the classic Thai Tom Yum soup. It’s a meal in a take-out box, stuffed with rice noodles, Asian greens, fresh herbs, and Ocean Wise prawns (or your choice of protein including natural chicken and organic tofu). $10 for a large portion.

Last modified: February 3, 2016

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  1. Neil Young says:

    Cream of Tomato at Harvest Deli – soooo good.