Dine Out in Kits: 7 restaurants offering three-course meals for $20


Vancouver Icon Bimini’s is one of seven Kits restaurants with a $20 prix fixe menu till January 31, 2016.

Dine Out Vancouver is an annual event by Tourism Vancouver to encourage us all to try some new restaurants with a set menu in the range of $20 – $40.  It is going on now through January 31. It offers limited but excellent choices always, in our experience.

It’s a great chance to try out a place you haven’t been before or invite some friends to one of your long time favorites. And here’s the really good news for Kits folk on a budget: Seven of the restaurants in our area are only $20 for a three course meal.

You’ll want to make a reservation in advance and it’s a good idea to plan to go at non-peak hours; you may have to choose between 5 pm and 9:30 pm if they’re heavily booked.

The website http://www.dineoutvancouver.com/ is really handy. You can select by neighbourhood, price range, or type of food.

Old Favorites

The Bimini
For long-time Kits residents, just say the word “Bimini” and our brains flood with memories from back in the day. Things have changed since 1974 when Bimini’s opened with the very first Neighborhood Pub licence, but if you haven’t been for a while, come on back and check out the mix of nostalgia on the walls and extensive menu.

2010 West 4th Avenue
Phone: 604.733.7116

Las Margaritas
This one opened originally in 1981, and Dan Rodriguez proudly states that he made “all the changes” when he bought it in 1994. Not the time of year to indulge in their 60 seat patio which has been voted one of the best in Vancouver. Mexican is definitely comfort food in my books, so enjoy warming up there.

1999 4th Ave West
Phone: 604.734.7117

Rocky Mountain Flatbread
The family friendly style here began long ago.I took Steven and Jamie here back in late 70’s and 80s when they were kids and this location was the first Bread Garden. And if you’re thinking you are not interested in family friendly, rest easy. Because they’re set up for kids, if you are sans children, you won’t find it disturbing. It’s when restaurants aren’t prepared for kids they get annoying imho.If you do have kids, consider skipping Dine Out and go for family night on Sundays or host a kids pizza-making party. (If Steve and Jamie weren’t already over 40, I’d go for it.).

1876 West 1st Avenue
Phone: 604.566.9779

Thai House – Kitsilano
Not obvious but convenient at its West Seventh Avenue, Thai House opened 30 years ago. Lots of space and great views from the booths, I’ve found this a great place to take visitors and, of course, very convenient to Fifth Avenue Cinema. Started in Kits, they now have two other locations.
1766 West 7th Ave.
Phone: 604.737.0088

New to Kits

Banana Leaf
I first met the Banana Leaf from their first location on Broadway near Cambie which opened in 1995 and was very happy when they came to Kits in 2005. In this list a decade is still “new”. They now have five locations, which says something.

3005 West Broadway
Phone: 604.734.3005

Romer’s Burger Bar – Kitsilano
Not the place to take your vegan friend, even though there is a limited but interesting selection. They proudly tell you all about the meat that come from The Blue Goose Cattle Company (I didn’t see any blue geese hamburgers on the menu, though.) The Georgia Straight’s prediction that they were “sure to grow” in May, 2010, has proved true. They now have locations in the River District and Yaletown. But it started right here.

1873 West 4th Ave.
Phone: 604.732.9545 Email: gmfa@xtramile.ca

Tai One
Tai One is part of Bubble World, which opened 11 restaurants around the lower mainland at the beginning of last year. Nice that they use the word “homonym” on their website (i.e. Taiwan/TaiOne). If you don’t make it for dinner, consider the lunch specials for around $10.

Phone: (604) 558-1237

Last modified: January 25, 2016

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