‘Tis the season for forgetting about your diet. Instead, allow yourself to indulge in sweet and luscious things. Especially on cold, rainy days. The perfect seasonal treat? A warm mug of cocoa.

Here are the 5 best places for hot chocolate in Kitsilano. Enjoy!

1. Thomas Haas

This master of all things chocolate does, of course, do some great hot chocolate. There are three to choose from – the Classic (creamy and sweet), the Extra Dark (rich and decadent), and the Aztec (spicy). Enjoyed best with one of the cafe’s wonderful pastries after dropping the rugrats off at the Yoga Buttons studio a few doors down on West Broadway.

2. Terra Breads

Who would have thought that one of our favourite local bakeries does a mean hot chocolate as well? Theirs is done skillfully well, just like their gorgeous loaves. Watch for some of their unique hot chocolate creations in the upcoming Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival (Jan-Feb 2016).

3. Koko Monk

Owner Paul Dincer loves his chocolate and will happily chat about it with you at this little cafe on West 1st Ave. His hot chocolates are well known in the neighbourhood. There are quite a few on the menu, including the Harem A La Turca (a blend of Turkish coffee and 72% organic dark chocolate), the Lyric and Dagger (a black sesame and white chocolate concoction), and the Brunette Bangle (with curry and coconut).

4. Lucky’s Donuts/49th Parallel

Sip hot chocolate out of pretty pastel-blue cups at this people-watching spot along West 4th Ave. Pair with a seasonal donut such as the Eggnog Snowball or the Thumbprint Shortbread.

5. Neverland Tea

Here’s something a little different from this high tea salon – Chocolatea. It’s a blend of tea and chocolate (obviously) in various tempting flavours. Take Me to Neverland (peppermint tea), Terri’s Chocolate Orange (with orange zest), and the Chai Rooibos (spicy). All come topped with a fluffy vanilla marshmallow.

Last modified: February 10, 2017

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  1. Maureen says:

    Don’t forget about Au Comptoir for a delicious hot chocolate!