Haunted Spots in and around Kits



If enjoy a good creep out, visit these two haunted areas, one in Kits and one on the way up to UBC, ideally after dark.

Billy Bishop Legion

This branch has a haunted history that dates to the 1970s. It’s supposedly haunted by at least three ghosts that have been seen by employees and patrons alike. One of the most prominent “visitors” is a woman who plays the piano. A female bartender has reported seeing a man by the fireplace on the main floor.

West 16th Avenue from Point Grey to UBC

According to Forbidden Vancouver, there’s a mysterious female hitchhiker who haunts West 16th Avenue towards UBC. A lonely woman hitchhikes along the stretch of road through Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

She climbs into the back of your car without saying a word, gives you a piece of paper with the UBC library address on it, and then promptly disappears into thin air.

Legend has it many years ago the woman was left there on the side of the road by her boyfriend, after they had a fight. Attempting to hitchhike, she was hit by a passing car and killed.

Last modified: October 28, 2015

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