What do Donald Trump, Chewbacca, and Cinderella all have in common?

Besides all being rather countrified, these characters make for great costumes for Halloween. Find outfits for these ideas, plus goodies for trick-or-treaters, spooky decor, and pumpkins at the following shops in Kitsilano.

1. The Costume

London Drugs will have its seasonal aisle filled with Halloween outfits and props, and Just Imagine Fun Clothing is an actual year-round costume shop. Both are on West Broadway. There’s also a pop-up costume shop on West Broadway near Trutch Street (anyone catch the name of it?). For more unique dress-up clothing go to Hip Baby and The Salvation Army, both on West 4th.

2. The Treats

The usual box of mini chocolate bars and tootsie roll candies can be bought at Safeway and IGA. Whole Foods, Greens, and Spud (both delivery and its Be Fresh Market) will have bags of higher quality Halloween chocolate. Or you could give out mini bags of chips (also available at Safeway and IGA), or how about local apples, granola bars, or those mini Play Doh containers? Try Purdy’s and The Candy Aisle for alternative goodies too.

3. The Decor

Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, The Kitchen Corner, and Home Hardware can supply you with ghoulish decorations for indoor and outdoor use. We like the tombstones with skeletal hands emerging from the ground, and those bloody stick-on-window hands and splatters. Or get creative and make your own – check out these 3 do-it-yourself Halloween decorations.

4. The Pumpkin

Visit this season’s last Kitsilano Farmers Market for local pumpkins. Plus David Hunter Garden Center and both the small and large grocery shops (New Apple Market, Greens, Safeway, IGA, etc.) will all sell pumpkins too. Instead of carving this year’s pumpkin, you could spray paint it black and make them into scary but fun cat faces or big flying bats.

Last modified: September 22, 2020

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