One-Zone Bus Fares Begin October 5. Here’s What You Need To Know.



As of Monday, October 5, TransLink fares for the Metro Vancouver bus network will change: all travel on buses across the entire region will only cost a one-zone fare. This is part and parcel of the full implementation of the Compass Card fare payment system. Bus riders will be required to ‘tap on’ beginning on October 5. Note that the ‘tap off’ action is not required on buses.

The potential problem with cheaper bus fares: cheaper bus fares could mean a big increase in ridership on some transit services that are already struggling to cope with existing demand. There will be no increase in service due to the negative outcome of the transit plebiscite.

So how much is your next bus ride?

From October 5, bus travel across the region through any of the existing current three-zone zones will cost a one-zone fare, which is $2.75 adults and $1.75 for children, seniors and HandyCart holders. The existing multi-fare zone system will still be in effect for SkyTrain, SeaBus and the West Coast Express commuter train.

Let us know how this impacts your commuter experience. How much do you save? Does the jump in bus demand means you can’t actually get on?

Last modified: October 9, 2015

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