5 Ways To Ward Off Killer Kitsilano Mosquitoes


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Have you noticed those pesky little flying insects, particularly this week? You know the ones that keep you awake at night with that annoying buzz, not to mention the even more annoying bite left behind after it has sucked away a bit of your blood? Oh those lovely mosquitoes, claiming the title of the most deadliest animals on earth.

Well, they are out in full force right now, attacking you while you are on your way to work, while you are playing with the kids at the playground, and while you try to enjoy a cold one at your favourite bar patio – this even with our serious drought conditions (let’s blame that neighbour who keeps watering their lawn for harbouring mosquito larvae…) Here are 5 ways to help you cope with the buggers.

5 Ways to Ward Off  Mosquitoes in Kitsilano

1. Repellant
The most obvious way to deal with mosquitoes is to use some sort of insect repellant. Be it a spray containing the chemical DEET, a lotion containing a more natural citronella oil (this oil was banned as a repellant in Canada in 2012 but has since been approved again as of this year), or any other supposedly effective product. If you don’t like it on your skin, use it on your clothes but test it out on the fabric first. Go to Gandy’s Home Hardware on West 4th Avenue for a DEET spray. Check out MEC on West Broadway for a citronella repellant by Canadian company Druide.

2. Clothing
Cover your skin as much as possible by wearing light-coloured, long sleeve shirts and long pants, if the weather is not too scorching. Watch mosquito target spots like your ankles and the back of your arms! Wear socks if you can.

3. Screens
Install screens in all your windows and repair any with holes as the hungry mosquito will certainly find its way inside your home while you are sleeping.

4. Fans
Mosquitoes have a somewhat difficult time navigating when there’s a strong wind so position that fan on you at night (tip: mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn). An air-conditioner is even better as it combines a breeze with cold air – two things mosquitoes aren’t fond of.

5. Bite Treatment
If you find yourself full of bites regardless of the above precautions, there are luckily a host of effective remedies available to you to help soothe the itch. Some to try are After Bite (for kids try the After Bite Kids at it doesn’t sting), Benadryl Itch Relief (which has an antihistamine in it), calamine lotion, or even some ice applied directly on the bites.

Last modified: July 24, 2015

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