Kitsilano’s 99-B Bus Line Is The Most Crowded in Vancouver


Image: Arnold C (User:Buchanan-Hermit)

Image: Arnold C (User:Buchanan-Hermit)

TransLink has released the 2014 Bus Service Performance Review which has stats on the most overcrowded routes in 2014. Drum roll, please. The 99-B line which runs on Broadway through the heart of Kits up to UBC is the most crowded bus line in all of Vancouver.  17.3 million people crammed on board these buses last year. The buses on this route are full 43% of the time.

We’re pretty sure these stats wont help you avoid crowding. You’re riding that line because it gets you where you need to go. But next time you complain about a fellow 99-B passenger who’s so close they are chewing in your face, or having stinky pits, or neglecting to vocalize, “Excuse, me and thank you,” when they brush up against you, rest assured: you are justified.

Last modified: July 17, 2015

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