Mission Restaurant Now Open in Kits



We posted about summer Kitsilano restaurant openings a little while back, and we’re so excited that Mission restaurant is now open in Kitsilano. The soft launch was June 17. You can check them out this weekend and tell us what you think.

Mission has taken over the short-lived August Jack location at 2042 West 4th Avenue. It’s a venture by first time (but really talented) restaurateurs Curtis Luk (ex-Chef at The Parker, before that Fable) and sommelier Chase Macleod (ex-GM at Fable). The cocktails are by Justin (@drinksundressed).

The concept, which is the source of their name, is refreshingly simple. The restaurant is a mission to great food, wine and cocktails. It’s also the culmination of their journey to open their own place. The menu will be local and seasonal. Curtis Luk is a notoriously thoughtful, thorough chef and has nothing to prove. We expect to sit back and enjoy his skills.

Last modified: June 19, 2015

One Response to " Mission Restaurant Now Open in Kits "

  1. Geoff says:

    Had dinner at a virtually empty Mission this week: two thumbs up on excellent, really thoughtfully composed cocktails and delicious small plates, perfect for a sharing, grazing dinner. Many curious walk-by locals having a peek at the menu, get into Mission before it becomes a crush, the Fable crew know what they are up to. Decor not yet finished, it is pretty plain in there, still haunted by the renos done to the cool white space by Frank Verdiccio a long time ago when he moved his Italian joint into here – must have been 20 years ago I was last in there? In any event, great night out for us, they are prepped and ready people, so give them a try, you will enjoy what is on offer. My only suggestion is add a more traditional plainer protein (beef, chicken) to the menu for when Dad or the less adventurous with that big Visa credit line who is paying the bill is part of the crowd. Hanger steak, marinated chicken, I dunno, but aren’t there are a lot of baby-boomer relocates to Kits who like their meat and potatoes?