Patrick Corsi Opening Baccano Osteria in the Smoking Dog Space in Kitsilano



Restaurateur Patrick Corsi of Quattro has announced his new project. He’s taken over the Smoking Dog Bistro space (1889 West 1st Avenue) and will launch Baccano Osteria-Bar this July. Quattro  Kitsilano opened in 1994, underwent a location change and rebranding to Q4, and closed in 2014. The North Van and Whistler locations are still going strong.

A complete overhaul is currently underway and the osteria will bear no resemblance in concept or design to Corsi’s former restaurants. Keep tabs on Twitter @baccanolife.

Last modified: July 10, 2015

14 Responses to " Patrick Corsi Opening Baccano Osteria in the Smoking Dog Space in Kitsilano "

  1. Bill Barilko says:

    Note the proper address is 1889 W 1st.

  2. staff says:

    Cheers for catching that. We’ve made made the correction.

  3. Ming Li says:

    New employees beware!! Patrick Corsi closed down Q4 on Broadway and did not pay any of his staff!! When they tried to get a hold of him to get their wages, he just avoided contact with them.

    As well, while Q4 was operating, pay cheques would often bounce, staff would not get paid. Tip cheques also bounced.

    Patrick Corsi has made no attempts to pay back his former employees. When asked for their money, Patrick often would yell back at the staff and tell them about how hard he is having it.

  4. Daniel Howard says:

    I know for a fact that Patrick paid all his staff even after his restaurant closed,these are individuals who were set up to say these incredibly false allegations.Patrick has been a successful Restaurant owner for the last twenty years on his own till the last location.Patrick is committed to this Restaurant as he has already received incredible possitive feedback from all his patrons for the new location.

  5. JT says:

    To Daniel Howard,

    You do not know for a fact that Patrick paid all of his staff after the restaurant closed. You haven’t spoken to me, or any of the other folks from Al Centro or from Q4 Broadway… to be honest I don’t even know who you are, so how do you know that I got paid? And if he is such a successful restaurant owner, why does he have so many lawsuits against him?

    Tell me Daniel Howard, did you work on his payroll? Did you review his books? Did you see that we all got paid? Why don’t you just mind your business.

  6. JT says:

    Here you go Daniel Howard… a successful restaurant owner’s current lawsuits.

  7. Daniel Howard says:

    JT I don’t know you as you are obviously hiding your real name,I am wondering if you have a vendetta with Patrick as he did fire employees who stole from the Restaurant.I worked with Patrick for over eight years,starting with Quattros on fourth and moving to Q4.Patrick was in complete control on fourth avenue but was a partner with the Q4 Restaurant,if you know anything about how the new restaurant was run you wouldn’t write this complete scrap unless you have a vendetta.

  8. Another Ex Quattro Employee says:

    Hey Daniel!
    Another former Quattro employee. I have no idea who JT is, but everything he is saying is the absolute truth. He owes ALOT of past employees money. We all just want our money and the truth is it’s pretty ballsy of the guy to open a new place when he actually owes so much money to people.
    If this is the Daniel I think it is, trust me, everything stated is true.
    If anyone is reading this and considering working at this new place, consider somewhere else. Because it will happen to you too.

  9. JT says:

    Agip Holdings Ltd. and Q4 Group Holdings (Richards Street) Ltd. and Alekos Alex Akaios Tsakumis and Patrick Corsi

    iFund Diversified Lending Corp.

    $507,011 for debt.

    Hey Daniel Howard,

    Check out this website from May 26, 2015 on Patrick’s recent lawsuit filed against him. Yes, the suit is filed against AGIP and his former partner from Quattro, but worth mentioning.

    I have no idea who you are either, whether you were a former server or partner or what.

    Anyway, you’re precisely right; I do have a vendetta against Patrick, he owes me money… he owes a lot of us money, he owes Gordon Food Services a lot of money. You may not know me because I am just one of many in a long line of people who were screwed over by Patrick, and was one of the many who went through the revolving door of his restaurant.

    So while we all got screwed over, having to find other work because Ol’ Patty wasn’t paying the bills and was bouncing his cheques, he stopped answering his phone when we tried to get our money. Now, he’s opening a new place, with no plans to pay us who worked at Centro and Q4 on Broadway.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Maybe instead of harassing past employers you should get over it and if you were such a good server in the first place you should be able to get a job anywhere! There are hundreds of restaurants !
    The restaurant is closed get over it !
    Also you may be forgetting that Patrick was only a partner in Broadway and Centro so I am not sure why he is the only one to blame for you not getting paid? Because as far as I know he wasn’t even the one issuing the cheques! So get your facts straight !
    Good luck on your new adventure it’s nice to see that someone is moving on and trying to make a living while these other people are crying about the past! Get over it its been 6 months move on!

  11. Allan says:

    I have done research on this Quattro company over a 15 plus year period, very successful company actually different companies operating for many years very successfully. A location on 4th ave closed, a new location opened on WB, downtown etc… Became clear at a point that for whatever reason these locations would not work…. As with most hard working entrepreneurs they are so committed that they continue long after they should in order to keep vendors, customers and staff happy. In short they should make drastic cuts but do not. The ending result was from all accounts the closure of these locations, resulting in serious financial difficulties for the owners and ensuing employees. As a seasoned business professional the legal system forces that all employees receive monies owed from company funds first, if there are no funds then often employees do not receive there last couple weeks pay, longer in cases where employees stay on without pay nut not the norm either way. I continued to do research and made a few calls regarding this new venture and it was clear that Mr . Corsi has no financial interest in this location/ business. I suspect he is in an employee type role but his name is being used as the name has been associated with extremely well known restaurants in this are. Very common in many types of businesses. I do feel for any employee that has been owed money for doing a hard days work but if the business has failed, it is what it is. I have gone further to do a public search and found that in fact Mr. Corsi has no assets associated to his name that would amount to any significant value. I suspect he has lost more than just a few weeks salary. I wonder the real reason for the vindictive behaviour from some of these posts, it truly can’t be over a couple weeks pay. There are mentions of “tons” of people owed “tons” of money? What does that mean. All the court documents available publicly do not suggest “tons”. Either way it is a bad situation for anyone involved. In reviewing the current state of the economy across the country it is clear there are thousands of individuals whom have been misplaced, laid of or terminated from there positions. I wish all of these and individuals laid off as a result of a business closure suddenly all the best, your future is your own destiny. Govern yourself wisely.

  12. Responding to Allan says:

    To Allan,

    Heather…use the spell check.

  13. Allan says:

    Must apologize, it is well after midnight on the east coast, I am an attorney. Not sure who this Heather person is referred to. In doing more very quick and available internet searches it shows that almost 60% of all restaurants fail in the first 3 years yet my understanding is that this Quatrro place ran for over a decade? As I mentioned I sympathize and have represented scores of individuals whom have suffered the very same fate as these mentioned in these posts. It is untimely and often the result of a series of poor decisions by almost always more than one individual. I only commented on this particular place of business as I have had many occasions with clients to patronize this business, located on a West 4th Ave , Vancouver.