The Right Shoe, located on West 4th at Fir Street, has called Kitsilano home since 1991.

Hoka running shoesYet locals and passersby often have a misconception of this store, perceiving it to be a specialty store purely for problem feet. While they do specialize in fitting the perfect shoe to each foot, there’s a lot more to this store than may first meet the eye.

We recently had a lovely chat with owners Rand and Suzanne Clement to get the scoop on what makes The Right Shoe such a successful Kitsilano staple. Here are five things you probably didn’t know:

1) As we recently reported, The Right Shoe has over 800 Birkenstocks in stock right now! Did you know that this makes them the largest Birkenstock dealer in the city? They have carried Birkenstocks for over twenty years (adeptly anticipating the current trend), and have everything from a kid’s size 4 to a men’s 16.

2) The Right Shoe is 100% fit and service oriented, to the extent that every staff member either holds, or is currently completing, a degree in Kinesiology. The store also has a longstanding partnership with Paris Orthotics, which opened in the late 1980s and resides next door.

3) The Right Shoe is a big part of Vancouver’s running community. They are a presenting sponsor for The Sun Run, a sponsor for the local Turkey Trot, and more, plus both Suzanne and Rand are avid runners themselves (making them even better equipped to address your own running shoe queries).

4) There’s more to The Right Shoe than just shoes! There is actually a wide selection of work out gear. Everything from running leggings to socks to jackets is for sale, sporting very reasonable prices. There are also lots of running and shoe accessories, such as arch supports and laces. Anything and everything your feet could possibly need is on offer, and the rest of your running outfit can get a good facelift here too.

5) Finally, The Right Shoe’s carefully cultivated collection of footwear, spanning from dressy to casual to comfort to running to hiking, has a knack for predicting trends beyond Birkenstocks. They currently have a wide selection of Hoka running shoes on hand, which are quickly becoming a favourite in the global running community. The platform sole and cushioned insole make it a light and supremely comfortable runner that is Suzanne’s number one pick for her own runs right now.

Whether you’re looking to be fitted for new running shoes as the season picks up, want to pick up some comfy Birkenstock sandals for the sunny weather, or need a trusty pair of hiking boots for your summer adventures, swing by The Right Shoe. You’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Last modified: February 19, 2017

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