Fun Fact: The First Film Location in Vancouver Was Kitsilano’s Tatlow Park



It’s true. The legendary Robert Altman shot his first feature film, and Vancouver’s first Hollywood movie, in Tatlow Park in 1969. The creepy psychological thriller That Cold Day in the Park got horrible reviews and was a box-office failure. Roger Egbert gave it 1.5 stars.


The film was based on a novel by Richard Miles and tells the tale of a lonely spinster whose posh apartment (Killarney Manor) overlooks a park (Tatlow Park) in Vancouver.  From her window, one cold day, she observes a rain-soaked young man on a park bench whom she assumes is homeless. Hoping to cure lonliness, Frances invites him inside her home to get warm and encourages him to stay. The young man says nothing, accepts her every hospitality—food, clothes, profuse conversation, and a room of his own. Then creepy stuff starts to happen. We won’t give any more away…

Killarney Manor

Killarney Manor

Altman chose Vancouver for the weather and the film is not only filmed here, it’s set here too. He doesn’t try to play it off as another city. You’ll probably agree, Altman’s other film shot in BC, McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971) , is much cooler. But you’ll never look at Tatlow Park (or a wet stranger in the rain) the same way again.


Last modified: April 27, 2015

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