6 Ways to Upgrade Your Patio


Image: Mymodernmet,com

Image: Mymodernmet,com

The stretch of sunny days no doubt has you thinking about patio season. Is your patio ready? Do you have the furniture, barbecue and picnic gear you need?

Here are 6 fun and useful additions to your patio life.

A BBQ/grill/smoker

If you don’t have one, you need one. If you do have one, you might need an upgrade. Gas or charcoal, it’s impossible to have a summer picnic without firing up the grill. The used bbq market has deals for everyone ranging from roadtrip grills for campers and beach picnickers, to proper Louisiana smokers for the grill master.

Cedar grilling planks and wraps


Planking is ideal for grilling fish because it keeps the piece together and gives it a special, smoky flavour. It also gives the impression hat you are a  skilled chef. You can find BC-made cedar planks at Edible Canada on Granville or via their online store. New this year: cedar grilling wraps. Same idea, more flexibility.

Teak patio and garden furniture

The little black dress of outdoor furnishings, teak patio furniture is pricey because it’s good looking (butter gold if oiled; silver if weathered) and, thanks to Mother Nature, it has naturally-occurring weather resistance. So check the used teak patio furniture market for better prices. Bonus: Because teak is over-harvested, buying used is far more eco-friendly.

Creative planters

You want your outdoor space to be welcoming, so getting some gardening going in planters, which can range from wall planters to giant ceramic jugs, oak barrels, rail boxes or raised cedar carts, is the way to do it. You can even DIY one out of cement bricks as they did in the lead image.

Outdoor pizza oven

Why? Because it tastes better baked in a wood-fired pizza oven and devoured piping-hot.


Cool birdfeeder

Handcrafted stoneware Egg Bird Feeders at Walrus attract many types of wild birds for your viewing pleasure; the sleek design is an easy-on-the-eyes addition to your outdoor space.

Last modified: April 19, 2015

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