ClassPass Comes to Kitsilano


Image: ClassPass

Image: ClassPass

Kits is known for being a particularly active neighbourhood. From yoga studios to running on the seawall, Kits is chalk full of residents who love to sweat! Now there’s a new way to vary your workout without breaking the bank. It’s ClassPass, your ticket to deep discounts at the best workout spots in Vancouver.

Offering unlimited group fitness classes with one monthly membership, the ClassPass is a wildly popular service that promises to transform your workouts and allow you sample some of the finest studios in the city, with activities including cycling, yoga, pilates, barre, strength training, bootcamp, dance and more – for only $99 per month. The service, now in 33 cities including Los Angeles and London, has democratized fancy fitness. It has attracted hordes of fans, particularly folks with flexible schedules and a willingness to try new studios. 

While the pass does entail some fine print, such as you can only visit each studio three times per month, it also comes with many perks, most notably that it requires no long-term commitment, unlike most gyms.

With ten studios in and around Kitsilano alone, the ClassPass gives you access to a plethora of workout options, all in your backyard. Take a look at all the options by visiting the ClassPass website:

There are many perks to ClassPass. And some downfalls too, especially for existing gym members. You can read up the cons pf ClassPass here. Members often complain about the ClassPass crowd. As reported by the NYTimes:  “As fitness companies attract an influx of new students, studio regulars, who often pay upward of $30 a class or more, are contending with larger crowds, less physically intensive classes and etiquette offenses like excess chatter and too-long showers. Many ClassPass members say it has grown difficult to get into the desired classes. While studios struggle to find a balance between keeping full-price paying customers happy and attracting new business, dedicated regulars question whether they should keep paying more than triple what the person pulsing and squeezing next to them is paying.”

Will you be taking advantage of ClassPass in Kitsilano? Why or why not?

Last modified: July 15, 2015

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