6 Shops with Great Easter Treats in and around Kitsilano


Chocolate birdies from Chocolate Arts. Image Credit: Chocolatearts.com

Chocolate birdies from Chocolate Arts. Image Credit: Chocolatearts.com

Easter arrives a bit early this year, on Sunday, April 5. We’ve rounded up 6 Easter treat shops in and around Kitsilano where you can get some wonderful chocolate eggs and other goodies for your baskets, so hop to it!

6 Easter Treat Shops in and around Kitsilano


1. Thomas Haas
We’ve been mentioning this chocolatier & patisserie a lot lately, and if you’re wondering why, go and try one of Haas’ delectable confections! For Easter 2015 (and with a last name like Haas he’s perfect for the job) there are some amazing creations and treats to choose from including truffle eggs infused with fresh strawberry & basil, surprise easter eggs with chocolate treats inside, Easter stollen, and fun chocolate nests of varying sizes.

2. Koko Monk
This little cafe on West 1st Avenue makes the best hot chocolate and Turkish coffee (ingredients and tools of which you can also take with you to try and make at home), but come here for chocolate treats too including a wide range of hand-crafted chocolates in unusual flavours like blue cheese, curry & coconut, matcha tea, and watermelon with sea salt.

3. The Candy Aisle
For something a little different from the old little easter eggs in foil, head to this candy shop on West 4th Avenue. They have some great nostalgic treats including Thrills Gum, Necco Wafers, and Pop Rocks, plus imported goodies from the US and the UK. And for the jokester, Larvets – the original worm snax. Won’t that be a surprise in someone’s Easter basket?

4. Chocolate Arts
Well we can’t have a list of chocolate treats without mentioning this favourite. For this year’s Easter, Chocolate Arts on West 3rd Avenue (over in the Armoury District across Burrard) offers some whimsical chocolate sheep, birdies, and bunnies, but also various sophisticated chocolates in flavours like coconut & lime.

5. Daniel Chocolates
With two locations next door to our neighbourhood (one on West 10th Avenue in West Point Grey and one on Granville Street & West 12th Avenue), this shop is well known for it’s Belgian chocolates and French pastries. For Easter treats choose from such delights as organic peanut butter filled chocolate bunnies, sea salt caramel eggs, and marshmallow eggs. They also sell delicately decorated paper eggs made in Germany that you can fill up with surprises.

6. Butter Baked Goods
Over in the Dunbar-Southlands neighbourhood on MacKenzie Street and West 33rd Avenue is the sweet cafe, Butter Baked Goods. Come here for their famous house-made marshmallows in pastel colours and great flavours such as strawberry, mint, toasted coconut, chocolate, and of course, vanilla. Many other treats are available here too including whoopie pies.


Last modified: November 21, 2019

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