5 Ways to Get Started on a Garden in Kitsilano


Take a worm-composting class at Kitsilano's City Farmer. Image Credit: Cityfarmer.info

Take a worm-composting class at Kitsilano’s City Farmer. Image Credit: Cityfarmer.info

Now that half of our neighbourhood community gardens have been torn up by CP Rail, it’s time to rebuild. Perhaps a more secure place to do so is in your own garden at home, whether you have outdoor space or not. A garden doesn’t have to be big, or outside for that matter. Here are 5 ways to get started on your garden this month.

5 Ways to Get Started on a Garden in Kitsilano

1. Join a new community garden
Community gardens aren’t just along defunct CP Rail lines. They are also located in city parks, school yards, church lands, on private property, and even on the grounds of Vancouver’s City Hall. Find one, including several in Kitsilano, at the City of Vancouver website and sign up.

2. Keep it small and simple
If you have some space on a patio or on your kitchen window sill, get planter happy! Many plants do well in planters and pots (tomatoes, strawberries, herbs), just keep them thoroughly watered and drained to mimic being in the ground. David Hunter Garden Center, Gandy’s Home Hardware Store, and The Kitchen Corner all have large selections of plant containers for sale. Get seedlings and local seeds (West Coast Seeds, Salt Spring Seeds) from David Hunter, Gandy’s, and Whole Foods on West 4th Avenue.

3. Share a garden
If you have a garden and want to share it with someone, or if you are looking for a space to garden, Sharing Backyards is for you. Sharing Backyards, a project from Kitsilano’s City Farmer, links people with unused yard space with those looking for a place to grow food. There are several spots available in Kitsilano and many more in our surrounding neighbourhoods.

4. Take a gardening class
The Kitsilano Community Centre, and other centres, offer a variety of gardening classes, including how to start a garden from scratch, how to build a trellis and other wood-working projects using up-cycled wood, flower arranging, and how to grow a salad on your balcony. Check the City of Vancouver website for more details. City Farmer runs a fun worm-composting class for $25. Participants receive a worm bin, worms, book, bedding, trowel, and a 60 minute class. Call their Hotline to sign up at 604-736-2250.

5. Get inspired
Take a stroll through one of our city’s many spectacular gardens for some great inspiration. Gardens to check out are the VanDusen Botanical Garden (55 acres of gardens!), the Bloedel Conservatory (great for rainy days), any of the Stanley Park gardens (the Rhododendron Garden is blooming now), the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden (Downtown), and the Nitobe Memorial Garden (a traditional Japanese garden at UBC). Or ask your friendly neighbour for a tour in their beautiful backyard.

Last modified: March 12, 2015

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