Awesome Spring Break Camps for Vancouver Kids



Kids aged 3-8 will have a blast at a YogaButtons Spring Break Camp

Vancouver Spring Break 2015 runs from Monday, March 9 to Friday, March 2o. With a kindergartner I have a new appreciation for Spring Break. I can’t wait for the break from routine and slower pace of the day. Spring Break is also a good time for kids to try something new. Whether they want to get physical, learn a skill, or just get out and meet new friends, I hope you find the perfect Kitsilano or Greater Vancouver Spring Break Camp in the following list.  

Let’s Get Physical

  • Phoenix Gymnastics still has space for Kindergartners at their St James location and Kindergarten to Grade 5 kids at their Millennium Gym.
  • 7-15 year olds will learn to climb, run, jump, and flip off the custom-built structures at Origins Parkour‘s amazing 10,00 sq ft facility at their full and half-day camps.
  • At Cliffhanger’s half-day camps, 9-16 year olds will learn the moves to make climbing the walls easy and fun.
  • YogaButtons is offering 5-day and drop-in morning and afternoon camps for children 3-8 where they can get active and build their imagination.

Learn Something New

  • 4cats Kitsilano has space for 3-10 year olds in their manga, graffiti, abstract expressionist and good luck theme half-day camps.
  • At the Vancouver Police Museum’s CSI Training Camp children ages 8-13 will learn the ins and out of  forensic investigation through hands-on activities and fascinating presentations.
  • The sewing and textile design instructors at La Movida’s will teach 8-17 year olds to sew their own clothes and accessories during half-day camps.
  • Young Moviemakers is running week long full-day acting and video production programs for children ages 8-14 at the Italian Cultural Centre.
  • Kids ages 5-14 will build on their knowledge out-of the classroom and through hands-on activities at Pear Tree Education Centre’s full-day spring break camps.

Make New Friends

  • Through a series of physical challenges and games 8-16 year olds will make new friends and build valuable skills including communication, leadership, and teambuilding, at UBC’s Ropes week-long half-day camps.

If you know about other great camps let us know in the comments section below.


Last modified: March 2, 2015

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  1. Orla Sturgess says:

    Michelle D’Hercy’s school of dance is offering fun spring break camps at Dunbar community Centre.