5 Shops to Get Sweet Valentine’s Treats in Kits


Valentine's cupcakes from Cupcakes. Image Credit: Cupcakesonline.com

Valentine’s cupcakes from Cupcakes. Image Credit: Cupcakesonline.com

Getting your Valentine a sweet treat this Saturday, Valentine’s Day, is easy in our Kitsilano neighbourhood. Whether your Valentine is your spouse, friend, grandma, sibling, or dog, these local shops have great choices for all (ok, maybe not for your dog, instead, go to the many available pet shops for your furry friend’s treats please :).

5 Shops to Get Sweet Valentine’s Treats in Kits


1. Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie
Moist and luscious cupcakes, featherly-light macarons, irresistible double-baked chocolate almond croissants, and, of course, the gorgeously rich chocolates are all fabulous choices at Kitsilano’s Thomas Haas on West Broadway. Check out this year’s Valentine’s collection which includes a wonderful (and edible!) chocolate jewellery box filled with gourmet chocolate truffle hearts for $35.

2. Aphrodite’s Organic Café
Have you been to their great new location yet? Don’t worry, it’s not far, just across the street (West 4th Avenue) from their old location actually (where Kerkis Greek Taverna used to be). And their pie shop is still in its old spot, for now. Whole organic pies start at $28 and make a yummy surprise treat for the whole family this Valentine’s Day. Pie flavours include Strawberry Rhubarb, Cherry, Pecan, Chocolate Banana Cream, Lemon Meringue, and many more delicious options.

3. Cupcakes
This Vancouver original, with a location on West Broadway, has been baking up perfectly fun and sweet cupcakes of all sizes since 2002. Why not bring your well-deserving pal a cupcake or three this Valentine’s Day? Baked fresh daily and without preservatives, some favourite flavours include Blue Hawaii, Cookies & Cream, and Red Velvet. Regular sized cupcakes are $3.50 while mini-sized ones are just $1.90 or get 12 of the little ones for $15. So much fun to eat mini-anythings and easy to share.

4. Rain or Shine Ice Cream
Kitsilano’s very own ice cream shop on West 4th Avenue has a lovely space to bring a date to this Saturday for Valentine’s Day. Or you can bring home pints of the creamy dreamy homemade stuff. Seasonal flavours include Malted Milk Chocolate Honeycomb and White Chocolate Strawberry Swirl, while “regular” flavours include Salted Caramel, London Fog, and Cracked Mint. Don’t forget the toppings, plus they have milkshakes too!

5. Chocolate Arts
Yes, we can’t have a list of goodies without mentioning this former Kitsilano chocolatier. And besides, it’s really close by over on West 3rd Avenue in the Armoury District. Bring your sweetie here for lunch or bring home a box of the best chocolates in town. Chocolates to try: Allure Intense, Cleopatra, Framboise, Romeo, Cherry Bomb, Kalamansi, and the Passion Fruit Truffle Heart.


Last modified: November 21, 2019

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  1. J. Taylor says:

    Check out the “bacon roses” at West Broadway Meat Co for a savoury alternative!