Restaurant Review: Bienvenue to the Neighbourhood, Au Comptoir!


Image: Au Comptoir

Image: Au Comptoir

There’s a new addition to the Fourth Avenue line-up of delectable restaurants and as you may have guessed from the name, it is a classic Parisien café. Au Comptoir, which is situated between Vine and Yew, is a new Kitsilano neighbourhood gem which will quickly join your regular rotation of favourite resturants. If you’ve spent time in France, you’ll think they’ve nailed it. They should have, the founding partners Julian Aubin (of  Les Faux Bourgeois) and Maxime Bettili (of Acorn) are French. If you haven’t, consider the experience immensely pleasurable training.

We visited Au Comptoir for dinner on a Friday night and were seated at the stunning zinc bar. The restaurant does not take reservations and had a full house for dinner, so be prepared to wait. It’s been like that since they opened doors in late 2014. Alternatively, check them out for breakfast or lunch.

With a beautiful and intimate space, the ambiance at Au Comptoir is warm, friendly and decidedly French. After indulging in some spectacular foie gras, we ordered duck l’orange and grilled striploin from a menu full of classically French dishes with modern elements. We were also impressed with the French wines available by the glass. It’s not so easy to find Loire Valley vin in this town.

Desserts were showcased in a tempting rotating display at the rear of the restaurant to remind diners to save room for sweets! Even after a rich and filling meal we couldn’t resist ordering the featured dessert: a luscious raspberry maracron that’s kept us dreaming of dessert every night since.

It was a delicious meal in a cozy new spot and a great date night. But bottom line, would we recommend it? Oui, bien sûr!

Au Comptoir, 2278 West 4th,

Last modified: January 12, 2015

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