Soup Resets Are The New Juice Cleanse. Enter Kits Kitchen – Kitsilano’s New Small Batch Soup Maker


Image: KitsKitchen

Image: KitsKitchen

It’s January. Daily treats like chocolates and mulled wine and cookies are no longer acceptable. We’re being bombarded with coverage of juice cleanses and workout classes, not to mention friends complaining about the fit of their pants.

If you have ever tried a juice cleanse, you know that whether or not you think they work, you will feel rather low energy in the middle. Enter KitsKitchen‘s 48-hour soup reset. It’ heartier. It’s warmer. In short, it sounds more tempting.

KitsKitchen is a Kitsilano-based small batch soup company that uses organic and local ingredients. Their soups are available online as well as at Greens Organic Market.


The soup reset is $80 and contains four soups per day (flavours such as beet & cabbage, butternut squash & ginger, chicken & veg)and two infused bone broths. The theory behind the soup? Heated soups are incredibly easy to digest. Giving your gut a break gives it the energy to focus on healing itself. The gut is the doorway to the health of your brain and immune system; by supporting it, you are supporting the health of your body.

The theory behind the bone broth? One is for the morning and one is for just before bed. They want you to treat these broths like your coffee or tea. According to KitsKitchen, bone broths are an important component of the gut healing process, because they are incredibly rich in minerals and naturally occurring gelatine, which helps to heal the digestive lining.

Would you do a soup reset? Have you tried Kitsilano’s organic, small-batch soup company? Why or why not?

Last modified: January 22, 2015

2 Responses to " Soup Resets Are The New Juice Cleanse. Enter Kits Kitchen – Kitsilano’s New Small Batch Soup Maker "

  1. Melisa Kokan says:

    I was wondering are you selling to the public I’m interested in buying some soup from you

  2. Emily Edington says:

    These soups are selling at Body Energy Club on West Broadway @ Arbutus. I buy from them all the time when I grab my smoothie! Fantastic tasting, healthy soups!