Christmas in Kits Gift Guide: What to Get for Pets


Dog grooming

It is estimated that over 50 percent of Kitsilano residents own a pet (mostly dogs), so chances are you are likely buying someone’s pet or your own pet a gift this Christmas. Here’s our handy guide to what to get for pets, with all gifts available in our Kitsilano neighbourhood.

Christmas in Kitsilano Gift Guide: What to Get for Pets

1. Dogs
No one likes a smelly dog. Give the gift of grooming for your friend or relative’s fluffy friend. Go to My Fluffy Friend’s Pet Shop or Bow Wow Haus for all natural grooming, Paw Prints Grooming for “Rockstar Hairdo’s”, or It’s Still a Dog’s Life for experienced groomers that can deal well with really big dogs.

2. Cats
Though notoriously picky, cats do like their special treats. Find high quality, all natural, and Canadian-made treats at Woof! Dog Shoppe and The Cat and Dog Shop. Try a baggy of Yappetizers – made locally in Richmond from wild fish and unmedicated meats, and are free of preservatives or artificial anythings. Flavours include Chicken Breast, Wild Salmon, Free Range Bison, Lamb, Venison, Turkey, Goat, and Squid!

3. Fish
Yearning for a change in scenery (probably not), fish would appreciate some new decor for their home. Find real aquatic plants at Noah’s Pet Ark, colourful gravel at Tisol, or realistic-looking rocks and coral at Bosley’s.

4. Birds
As highly social animals, birds need friends. The next best thing would be a really great toy. West Coast Tropical Bird Studio has a wonderful selection of bird toys including some Christmas-themed ones. Bird treats and other accessories are available at the Studio as well.

Last modified: December 16, 2014

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