13 Places to Shop for Winter Gear in Kitsilano


Koko Monk's Brunette Bangle hot chocolate with curry and coconut. Photo Credit: Koko Monk

Koko Monk’s Brunette Bangle hot chocolate with curry and coconut. Photo Credit: Koko Monk

Winter is sneaking up on us fast, and while the sky may be a glorious blue, the chill is definitely in the air. Our local resorts for winter sports are preparing to open for the season over the next few weeks, so here’s where to find your winter gear in Kitsilano.

13 Shops in Kitsilano for Winter Gear


Check out Icebreaker on West 4th Avenue for men’s and women’s attire made of soft merino wool, straight from the cold New Zealand Southern Alps. For fluffy outerwear and waterproof backpacks head to The North Face Store, also on West 4th Avenue. They stock children’s sizes too. If you’re looking for winter boots, go to Atmosphere on Chestnut Street, by the Burrard Street Bridge. Winter campers may find a few goodies there as well.

For ski, snowboard, and snowshoe gear, you’ll find what you need at Comor Sports, Pacific Boarder, The Boardroom, and West Coast Sports – all are offering some great deals right now and they are all conveniently located in one West 4th Avenue and Burrard Street block. These iconic Kits stores have been around since the 70s and have expert staff on hand, plus equipment rentals are available too. For cross-country ski gear, visit Sigge’s on West 4th Avenue, just a few blocks west of Burrard Street.

Fun stuff
Winter sports are not just for the mountains. Find hockey, ice skating, and sledding equipment at the local Home Hardware on West 4th Avenue (and if they don’t have it in stock you can order it in-store or online). For baby gear, have a look at Hip Baby on West 4th Avenue. They have some adorable Cowichan sweaters, cozy toques, and waterproof booties available for fun in the rain and snow. Crocodile Baby and Pebble Baby also carry winter baby and toddler gear. And finally, treat yourself to an amazing hot chocolate at Koko Monk on West 1st Avenue – they have a new Hot Chocolate Menu that you’ll definitely want to sample.

Last modified: November 13, 2014

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