G&F Financial Group Opens Kitsilano Branch; Commits to Support Kits Community



G&F Financial Group opened a new location in Kitsilano on West Broadway (at Bayswater). With 26,000+ members and $1.3 billion in assets under admin, G&F is one of the top 10 credit unions in BC.

We talked to the branch manager and Kits resident Pamela Tsatouhas about why G&F chose Kitsilano and she gave us the lowdown on their role in the Kits community.

Pamela was born and raised in Kits. Upon our request, she was also kind enough to share her favourite spots, and why she loves living and working in the neighbourhood.

Why did G&F open a Kitsilano branch?

G&F Financial Group provides in-branch banking as well as convenient tools including online banking, Deposit AnywhereTM, Interac® Flash, and a mobile app. Our members use these tools frequently for everyday banking, and our branches remain an important avenue for friendly personalized advice and service. We expanded into the Kitsilano area to bring this personalized service to our members living in the west side of Vancouver.

Kits is known for being a vibrant and socially-minded community, and we feel right at home here. In addition to providing products and services, G&F strengthens the local community by investing in it, and supporting causes that have important social and environmental impacts.

We’re very excited and happy to be in Kitsilano! We’ve received a warm welcome from the neighbourhood.

How will G&F support the Kits community?

Although the Kitsilano branch has only been open for a few months, we are already very active in the neighbourhood. For example, we recently sponsored the local Greek Days festival. G&F often partners with local business and organizations and we are currently working with Kitsilano Secondary School to create a Financial Literacy program for their students.

How long have you, Pamela, been a member of the Kitsilano community? Why Kits?

I have lived in Kitsilano all my life. I went to school here, and most of my friends and family live in Kitsilano. This community offers me a great quality of life; within a 20-30 block radius I can find amazing parks, beaches, and walking trails. Then there are great shops from local merchants to fantastic fruit and veggie stores. There is also an amazing selection of restaurants, coffee shops and great patios. Kitsilano is also located just a short distance from downtown and many other main centers of Vancouver.

How does your knowledge of the community influence your role at G&F?

Kitsilano has such a strong community spirit. You really feel that you are in a tight knit community where everyone looks out for each other. This matches the personal and neighbourly relationship that G&F Financial Group shares with all its members. I am delighted that I can contribute to the community by offering financial services and advice from a financial institution that shares these same community values.

What are your go-to Kits spots for take-out and/or going out to dinner?

One of my favorite hangout spots is Nat’s New York Pizzeria. I have known both owners Nat and Frank since I was a kid and they always take good care of me when I come down for a slice of pizza pie.

Tell us about a hidden gem in Kits that you’re fond of, but most folks don’t know about.

Bayswater Tea Company is an amazing spot to get a wide array of tea’s and treats. I know I can enjoy something unique and delicious every time I visit.

What’s distinctive about the space and services in the G&F Kitsilano location?

Our new Kitsilano location was designed to be a neighbourhood hub for financial advice, as well as an inviting space for members and guests to gather. The space itself has an open concept layout to encourage conversation and transparency. We offer free wifi and coffee for those wanting to unwind.

There is also a community room available for members and guests – talk to one of our branch staff to book it for free!

All of our products and services are customized for each member. We won’t just offer you a ‘cookie cutter’ solution, but instead take the time to make sure it is the right one for you!

Say I’m not a member of G&F. How does one find out more about G&F’s services?

There are multiple ways to learn more about G&F’s products and services – it depends on what is most convenient for you. You can visit our website at gffg.com, call our Member Hub at 604-419-8888, visit us in branch (we have 13 branches in Metro Vancouver), or book an appointment to speak to one of our expert Money Advisors. A member of our mobile team would be happy to come to you and meet you at your convenience!

G&F Financial, 2941 West Broadway, www.gffg.com

Last modified: November 4, 2014

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