Haunted Houses in Vancouver 2014


Image: PNE

Image: PNE

So the Dunbar Haunted House is closed this year. Where are you going to get your fright on? For those craving that Halloween adrenaline rush, the fight or flight ninja kick to the gut that will serve you well should the zombie apocalypse actually arrive – there are still plenty of  haunted houses in Vancouver to visit.

Here are the haunted houses in Vancouver for Halloween 2014.

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Haunted Houses in Vancouver 2014

1. Fearmongers: October 27-31

New this year, Fearmongers is testing out the Vancouver crowd. The idea behind this scare palace? They trap people in a haunted experience and have them solve physical puzzles and mental riddles in order to escape. If Fearmongers proves popular with Vancouverites in 2014, they will expand to many captive scenarios next year.

2. Chinatown Haunted House at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden: October 21-31 

Inspired by the bloodcurdling stories of Judge Dee, China’s Sherlock Holmes, this house uses a dozen actors, dancers and musicians to scare your pants off with their gruesome, kinda historical lore

3. Potter’s House of Horrors: October 10-31

As if driving out to Surrey wasn’t creepy enough, this terrifying company runs two haunted houses featuring the themes “Sickness” and “10,000 Screams”.

4. Fright Nights at Playland: October 10-November 1

Freaky clowns wandering around, plus 13 rides, and 7 haunted houses, with a new super scary doll factory-themed residence, are sure to keep you looking over your shoulder for the rest of October, and maybe November too…






Last modified: October 14, 2014

5 Responses to " Haunted Houses in Vancouver 2014 "

  1. Crazy Eyes says:

    Glenhurst Manor Haunted Hotel is the best scare in vancouver area. It is worth the drive and the scare.

    It will scare the S**T out of you!!!!!!

    Glenhurst haunted Hotel
    11661 Glenhurst Street Maple Ridge.
    It will scare the S**T out of you!!!!!!

    Vancouver Haunted House Maple Ridge #1 Food Bank

  2. Tony Ruffty says:

    I agree that Glenhurst Haunted House Maple Ridge is the best. Better than Dumbar house. It should be on the list. It is for the Friends in need food bank by donation. The best haunted house Vancouver that I went to last year.

  3. Kitsilano.ca staff says:

    We see that these comments about Glenhurst are on every Vancouver blog for Haunted Houses 2014. But where’s the link? It seems to be a ghost house.

  4. Kitsilano.ca staff says:

    Cheers. Is there a website for the haunted house, or not?