Kitsilano Store Opening: Movement Global


Billy Would earrings

Billy Would earrings

Movement Global, an eco-friendly women’s clothing store, has just opened in a cute little spot nestled into West 4th at Arbutus. Originally from Bowen Island, the brand has expanded now to include this city location.

The shop itself is all white walls and distressed wood, with shelves overflowing with tops, and accessories hanging from twigs and branches. The design reflects the philosophy of the brand: simplicity and sustainability.

All clothes are made from sustainable fibers, predominantly bamboo (or “vegetable cashmere” as it is commonly referred to). The designs are simple but cutting edge, with reversible pieces, modern shapes, and flattering cuts. Chiefly active wear, the line is filled with basic T-shirts, hooded jackets, and fitted leggings in dark neutrals and rich plums, teals, and corals. Jewelry also makes an appearance; chunky earrings and necklaces made of reclaimed wood (courtesy of Billy Would designs) pop up around the shop.

A commitment to eco-friendly fashion doesn’t come cheap. I picked up a basic black T-shirt to find a price tag of $45, and a dainty silver chain with a small wooden pendant swung to the tune of $64. But with expertly crafted pieces made from socially conscious materials, the cost can’t help but be a little higher. Next time you’re in the market for a new pair of yoga pants, head a block down from lululemon and check out the offerings at Movement. At least your environmental conscience can rest easy with these clothes.

Movement Global, 2076 West 4th Ave.,

Last modified: August 25, 2014

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