Must Eat This Now: Organic Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich from Chocolate Arts


Image: Chocolate Arts

Image: Chocolate Arts

Sweet organic B.C. berries and cream churned into frozen goodness and sandwiched between perfectly crunchy-meets-chewy cookie book ends. Ummm, yes please. When you say ice cream in Kits, you think of the usual suspects such as Rain or Shine and Scoop. But folks in the know head to Chocolate Arts, Vancouver’s best chocolaterie, for their seasonal, limited-edition ice cream treats. A little bird told us to head to Chocolate Arts now for the strawberry ice cream sandwich on house-made oatmeal cookies, pictured above.

Owner and lead chocolatier Greg Hook says: “We use organic strawberries from Hazelmere Organic Farm. I am not a strawberry ice cream fan usually however these are such amazing strawberries that the ice cream is amazing.”

The ripe berries were specially harvested for the delicious project. When the strawberries are gone, so is the sandwich. So act fast folks. They run $4.25.

Don’t cry too hard if you miss out. Up next: their chocolate cherry ice cream sandwich, also made with local fruit.

Last modified: November 21, 2019

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