The Vancouver park board has decided not to proceed with a separated bike path through Kitsilano Beach Park and Hadden Park, according to a statement issued February 17.

Kitsilano resident Megan Carvell Davis had challenged the bike path with legal action. The hearing was scheduled to take place in the B.C. Supreme Court next month.

Davis told the Courier:

This is a really good example of participatory democracy,” said Kits Point resident Megan Carvell Davis. “In the past when I’ve addressed the park board they’d listen, thank me and then go on with whatever it was they were going to do.”

From the Straight:

“We’ve heard clearly from the public that there is significant concern with any proposed changes to Hadden Park,” park board chair Niki Sharma said in the statement.

“Tonight, the Park Board gave direction to staff to discontinue proceeding with any options for a new path through Hadden Park, and to communicate that to the petitioner in the B.C. Supreme Court application. The Park Board will not be pursuing a new separated path through Hadden Park or at Kits Beach.”

According to Sharma’s statement, the park board directed staff to look at ways to improve safety on the existing bike route through Hadden Park and Kitsilano Beach Park.

“Staff will also be relocating the funds from this project to other pedestrian and cycling safety priorities for the Park Board around the city,” she said.

Last modified: March 12, 2018

3 Responses to " Vancouver Park Board Kills Plan to Run Bike Path through Kitsilano Beach Park "

  1. Kitsresident says:

    The City gave up because they realized they couldn’t win a costly challenge in court. The Parks board needs to be reformed or they keep doing what like and not listen to anyone.

  2. julia says:

    Woooooo-Hoooooooo! Oh, I’m so happy! I’ve been running past my favorite little picnic spot a lot lately and every time I imagine a concrete path right through the middle, I just wanted to throw a rock a someone’s head. This is the BEST news.

  3. S. Rose says:

    Too bad. The status quo for casual cyclists there is teh suk.