Free Fondue Pot and Raclette Machine Rental at Les Amis du Fromage



We love cheese in our house. I like the creamy, stinky ones. My husband prefers the sharp, firm ones. A weekend trip to Les Amis du Fromage is a regular part of our weekly routine, especially if we are entertaining. Generally, I serve cheese before a casual family style dinner, or as a course before dessert at a dinner party.

I also love fondue and raclette, especially when shared with friends. There is something so delicious and fun about it. Unfortunately, my lack of cupboard space forced me to send my fondue pot, used only once a year at most, to the Salvation Army, and I can’t justify the price of a decent raclette machine for the minimal use it would get. As a result, I have never really considered hosting a raclette or fondue dinner until a friend let me in on a wonderful secret! If you purchase your cheese from Les Amis du Fromage, they will loan you the fondue pots or raclette machine for free! They will even grate the cheese for you! Just book ahead to ensure availability.

Les amis du FROMAGE, 1752 West 2nd, 604-732-4218,

Last modified: February 4, 2014

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