Weirdest & Most Popular Stuff for Sale in Canada in 2013



From puppies to zombie-proof armour, here’s a peek at the weirdest and most popular stuff for sale in 2013 on Kijiji, Canada’s leading classifieds website.

Millions of searches take place every day on classified sites. Ever wonder what Canadians are searching for and buying? Or what gets people in Vancouver fired up? Here’s the inside scoop:

Most Popular Classifieds Searches in Vancouver in 2013

It’s common knowledge that dating in Vancouver is tough; making new friends is no walk in the park either. Whether using a few minutes of downtime in the office or doing some dedicated after-hours web shopping, most Vancouverites are searching Kijiji classifieds for someone to cuddle and love. Someone furry to cuddle and love. The most searched for item on Kijiji in Vancouver in 2013 was a puppy.

The next most searched for items on Kijiji speak more to utility than emotion. Folks in Vancouver want to find deals on cars, and they use the online classifieds to do so. What kinds of cars? Popular search terms include: Toyota, Mustang and Jeep.

Weirdest & Most Popular Stuff For Sale in Canada in 2013

Meanwhile, in the rest of Canada, the most popular Kijiji searches are more materialistic than cuddly. Forget puppy love. Out of 11 million monthly Kijiji visitors, most people are clicking on BMWs, iPhones, Harleys and antiques.

As for the wildest and weirdest stuff for sale in 2013, we got a chuckle out of the Rob Ford bobbleheads, zombie-proof military armour, a genuine pirate ship, a coat made out of wigs, and a possessed doll!

Find the full breakdown of the most popular searches and weirdest stuff for sale in 2013 in the infographic below.


Last modified: January 23, 2014

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