Vancouver No Pants SkyTrain Ride 2014: Funny or Foul?


Image: GoToVan

Image: GoToVan

About 100 people were spotted without pants at Vancouver’s fifth annual No Pants SkyTrain Ride which took place Sunday, January 12. Vancouver Improv Anywhere, a flash mob company, organized the ride. SkyTrain passengers had one of two responses to the montage of bottoms and hairy thighs: avoiding eye contact or snapping photos.

Vancouver’s No Pants SkyTrain Ride was one of dozens held around the world, inspired by a stunt pulled by a group in New York in 2002. The event is done purely for laughs.

Was it funny? Foul? Or just chilly for participants? We’ll leave that question in your capable hands.

Last modified: January 13, 2014

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