Inside Santa’s Workshop – Chocolate Making Classes at Chocolate Arts


969421_10151998613836357_412922742_nMade in Chocolate Arts’ holiday chocolate class

If you think Santa’s headquarters are at the North Pole, you’re going to want to reconsult your GPS. He’s much closer than you think. Command central has got to be Chocolate Arts at 1620 West 3rd Avenue. I went behind the scenes in the workshop to see how the Christmas chocolates are made during a holiday chocolate making class with 15 other wannabe elves. The class lasts four hours and has a sweet finish: you get to take all 100 chocolates you make home with you.

Details on upcoming classes at Chocolate Arts and plenty of good-looking food porn after the jump.

1462987_10151998614746357_452065933_nCranberry gelee with spiced ganache. Made by me.

The Chocolate Arts version of Santa is amiable owner/chocolatier Greg Hook. Hook, along with six other jolly (and skilled) staff members showed us how to fill and coat truffles, enrobe pralines, dip candied orange peel, decorate chocolate Christmas trees, mold chocolates and so much more. Whenever a student felt a moment of doubt, an expert appeared at our elbow to show us the way and encourage us to taste. In addition to the hands on training, Hook and staff give advice on flavour pairings, technique and how to extend the longevity of your work with proper storage. You might even make a friend in the process; you work closely next to other serious chocolate fields.

Upcoming Classes at Chocolate Arts in 2014

Many of the class members were fans of Chocolate Arts’ chocolates who had been given the class as a gift by a loved one. So if you’re looking for a memorable experience gift, browse the Chocolate Arts classes coming up in 2014. From how-to instruction on tempering and ganache to chocolate tasting lessons and making Valentine’s day chocolates, it’s a tempting program. Prices range from $18 to $88.


More fruits (and nuts) of the Chocolate Arts holiday class.


Enrobing pralines in class.


Tempered chocolate. Not for drinking.

1476396_10151998615176357_576774876_nWhisky hazelnut truffles and peanut butter pralines made in class.

Meanwhile, find every aspect of Christmas gifts and dessert covered in the Chocolate Arts retail shop. From sophisticated boxed chocolates to fruit cakes, chocolate dipped shortbread, chocolate spreads, handcrafted marshmallows and whimsical chocolate animal figurines, Chocolate Arts has Christmas covered.

chocolatespread fruitcake1473065_764803423535397_698714650_n

Christmas opening hours:

Sunday, Dec 22nd 10:00–6:00 PST
Monday, Dec 23rd 9:00–8:00 PST
Tuesday, Dec 24th 9:00–4:00 PST
Wednesday, Dec 25 Closed
Thursday, Dec 26 Closed

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