Kitsilano Gift Guide: 5 Foodie Gifts by the Little Locavore



Still searching for a Christmas gift for the chef or foodie in your life? Here are five more fun kitchen and food-themed Christmas gifts from shops in Kitsilano: 

5 Foodie Gifts by the Little Locavore

1. My Eco Can from Briers

Briers is a fun place to shop if you’re looking for gifts. I stopped by there to check out what I might like in my Christmas Stocking! This was really cool. My ECO Can. It’s a reusable biodegradable cup, that is disguised as a soda can! It is made for hot and cold beverages and is BPA free!

Briers, 2070 West 4th Ave, 604-730-0379,


2. Astounding Multi-Flavor Sandwich Cookies Joe-Joe’s at Pirate Joes

I really like visiting with Michael and Barry at Pirate Joes. They go down to Trader Joes in the US, and bring up lots of awesome goodies to sell here! I bought these cookies as a gift for some friends, who were kind enough to share them with me. There are four flavours in the box: Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Peppermint and Ginger. They are all sandwich cookies, then covered in varried chocolate glazes! Soooooo goooood!

Pirate Joes, 2348 West 4th Ave, 604-620-9242,


3. Rainbow Trout Oven Mitt at Briers

There so many cool kitchen items at Briers. So I couldn’t pick just one! This was my second favourite item! An oven mitt shaped like a Rainbow Trout!

Briers, 2070 West 4th Ave, 604-730-0379,


4. Wooden Sushi Slicing Playset at Whole Foods

Even though this is probably for kids smaller than me. I love it! I think I want to get it. A whole sushi set made from wood! They are painted to look very real, and eveb stack together with velcro.

Whole Foods, 2285 West 4th Ave, 604-739-6676,


5. The Holiday Tea Collection at David’s Tea

I really like to try all of the different teas that David’s has. This is a great set for someome in your life that loves tea! The holiday collection has sample sizes of three different teas: Santa’s Secret (Black Tea), Sleigh Ride (Fruity), and Gingerbread (Rooibos).

David’s Tea, 2199 West 4th Ave, 604-734-3440,

Last modified: December 17, 2013

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