Kitsilano Gift Guide: 5 Gifts for Pets


Kitsilano residents love their pets. With close to a dozen pet shops in our neighbourhood there’s certainly no shortage of supplies of pet food, treats, toys, and accessories. And though your pet will likely just want some turkey dinner leftovers (unless of course, your pet is a turkey) and lots of playtime, has a list of gift ideas here for you and your best friend (or for that best friend that has a best friend) for Xmas this year.

Here are out top Christmas gift ideas for dogs, cats, hamsters, fish and birds.

5 Gifts for Pets

1. Dog Hikes
Get your pooch out for an adventurous hike this winter and have him carry his own gear with Ruffwear’s dog packs – a backpack that’s padded, lightweight, and has lots of convenient pockets, available at Woof! Dog Shoppe. This dog and cat shop also carries toys (is it just me or is there a strong resemblance between dog toys and baby toys?), raw foods for your health conscious darlings, and they offer grooming, dog walking, and photography services as well.
Woof! Dog Shoppe, 1905 West 1st Avenue, (604) 568-4212,

2. Cat Dope
Locally owned and operated for over 30 years, Bosley’s carries every feline’s favourite fix: catnip. And it’s locally grown and manufactured by Kooky Kat. Based out of Pitt Meadows, the Kooky Kat Catnip Company offers an assortment of potent bulk catnip buds,  and organic and non-organic catnip. Rub the green stuff all over kitty’s toys or spread a little on the carpet and watch as she rolls, purrs, and softly meow’s for more.
Bosley’s, 3045 West Broadway, (604) 738-8765,

3. Hamster Fun
In the wild, hamsters spend a lot of their time digging burrows and scurrying around. Give them the gift of clear plastic tunnels and run-about balls so they can somewhat re-create their active existence. Find these and many other pet supplies at Tisol’s Kitsilano location. Tisol sells chicken feed as well for those with backyard hens.
Tisol, 2738 Arbutus Street, (604) 730-1768,

4. Fish Treats
Enhance your aquarium with live plants for your fish. They’ll appreciate your attempt at creating a more natural habitat and while the plants will give off healthy oxygen, the fish may like a little nibble from the leaves as well.  Noah’s Pet Ark has these plants and more, including a selection of locally bred exotics such as long-living dart frogs and brightly coloured killifish in case you’re thinking of an actual pet as a gift.
Noah’s Pet Ark, 2886 West Broadway, (604) 736-9517,

5. Bird Play
For birds it’s all about the toy swing. These toys provide exercise, mental stimulation, and relief from boredom for your pet bird. A variety of textures, sounds, colours, tastes, and challenges should be considered when choosing a safe but fun toy swing. Go to West Coast Tropical Bird Studio to find a large selection of bird toys, and they also carry informative books and beautiful cages.
West Coast Tropical Bird Studio, 1952 West Broadway, (604) 733-6246,


Last modified: December 13, 2013

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