It’s Pie Season, Folks! Baking YUMMY Goodies with Vancouver Pie Hole


PieHoleCollage_1I love pie! Making pies was the first thing that I learned how to make when I started food blogging. Vancouver is high on pie these days with Aussie Pie Guy food truck, Pie Shoppe in Strathcona and the Vancouver Pie Hole.

I recently went to visit Janell Parsons from Vancouver Pie Hole to learn from a pie expert. Janell makes delicious pies and they are available at Norton Commons corner grocery store/coffee bar in Kitsilano. Not only does she make sweet pies, she also makes savoury pies. When I visited, I got the chance to make both, sweet & savoury. Here’s what I learned:

Janell has been baking as a hobby/passion for over 18 years. She and her sister decided to open up their own pie business just a couple of years ago.

I asked Janell where she got the name, and it comes from the phrase “Stuff your Pie Hole”! Funny!

What is Janell’s Favourite you ask?
-Blueberry/Basil Goat Cheese Pie

Janell taught me how to make a Raspberry Cream Pie. When the raspberries are in season, Janell tries to uselocal fruit!

You can see me working on the dough for the crust above.

Because we were only making one big pie, I rolled out the dough by hand. But when Janell has to make lots of pies (almost every day), she uses EARL to help her.

Earl rolls out the dough for the pie crust almost perfectly!

Then we worked on the Raspberry Cream filing.

Janell also surprised me, and because we had left-over dough, I got to work on a a savoury pie as well. The Vancouver Pie Hole makes awesome dinner pies, with different flavours. The savoury pie that I worked on was a Salmon Chowder Pie. I also can’t wait to try her Butter Chicken Pie.

I asked Janell what are the most popular savoury pies?
Steak & Stout

Surprisingly, Janell is self-taught! All of her pies look like cartoons!!

The pies when into the oven to bake, and the whole kitchen smelled so delicious!

Pie Hole Pic_4

I had a really great pie making lesson with The Vancouver Pie Hole.
Janell just launched her new updated website, to make it easier for you to get yoru hands on some delicious pie!

Pie Hole Pic_5

If you are in Kitsilano, you can get her pies at corner grocer Norton Commons (Local, Organic, Sustainable).

Vancouver Pie Hole,
Available at: Norton Commons, Kitsilano, 2501 W. Broadway, 604-732-8525,

Last modified: November 25, 2013

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  1. julia says:

    Wow yummy, thanks Liam for bringing Pie Hole pies to my attention. I thought I new everthing about the local foodie scene in Vancouver but have never heard of these girls. I checked out their website and the pies are the most amazing I have ever seen. Can’t wait to try one!