Pit Bull Stabbed to Death near Kits Beach


filephotopitbullA pit bull, said to be extremely aggressive, was stabbed to death near Kitsilano Beach Park this afternoon. A 72-year-old man had been out walking with his pug when he encountered another dog owner who was walking her pit bull. Apparently the dogs went up to each other for an introduction when the pit bull suddenly bit down on the smaller dog’s neck. The dog owners tried to pull the pit bull off of the pug but were unable to do.

The pug owner then pulled out a folding knife and killed the attacking pit bull. The injured pug was rushed to a nearby veterinary hospital where it received stitches for wounds on its neck. The deceased pit bull was picked up by animal control and delivered to the BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Photo: File photo of standard pit bull

Last modified: November 21, 2013

13 Responses to " Pit Bull Stabbed to Death near Kits Beach "

  1. antidog says:

    Good this happened. It will teach dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash instead of letting them run everywhere.

  2. Mack says:

    Thank Goodness no child was attacked. Bravo to this Senior. What a terrible ordeal to go through.

  3. Thisisbiased says:

    His dog was off-leash, you need to post the open letter from this woman. I would have grabbed the dogs back legs and had the owner get control of her dog, but this man stabbing this dog to death is sick and inhumane.

  4. Bill Barilko says:

    I’m on record as being no fan of the breed but this whole scenario is terrible, terrible.

    The sanest comment I have read is that this would never have happened if the pit bull creature had been muzzled.

    Something to think about.

  5. rundrd says:

    it also wouldn’t have happened if the pug owner kept his dog on a leash.

  6. Bryan says:

    This would not have happened if the man had not murdered a perfectly normal pet dog. The pit bit the pug’s ear, and got KILLED for it.

    He said his pug had just had medical treatment and was weak. If the pug is so weak, why was it allowed to be offleash at an on-leash park, and why did it not listen to it’s owner?

    My dog gets rushed by super-aggressive small breeds all the time. Small dogs are seldom trained, are are often dominant of their owner. I should make a candid video of me walking my dog. 8 out of 10 small dogs I meet are pulling on the leash, barking, snarling, and they act aggressive towards my dog. The owner usually exuses the behaviour and picks up their dog and sometimes asks me if my dog is aggressive. It is silly and laughable, but also sad.

    People need to wake up. Pit bulls are not furry crocodiles. They are not able to fly, they don’t have locking jaws. They are just another dog.

    If you are genuinely afraid of pitbulls, you are part of the problem. I believed the media image of pits until I got one. Now I love them. They are smart, goofy, sensitive animals who love their owners deeply.

    Come to my house, meet my cat and my dog. I’ll make you a cup of tea and you can see that the evil one in this house is the cat.

    This was a crime and a tragedy and my heart goes out to the victim and her daughter. I hope the stab-happy old guy gets jail time.

  7. Dom says:

    It’s true. The pug was offleash. Invaded bigger dogs space. A shep wouldve done the same thing. Luckily my older pit has learned to ignore tiny little cushion substitutes.

  8. Jen says:

    This is not an accurate version of the story, whoever wrote this is obviously not a fan of pitbulls and clearly didn’t have all the facts.
    For everyone who comments “thank goodness it wasn’t a child”, you should NEVER let your child approach a strangers dog without their permission from the dog owner, ANY breed could react badly if they are spooked.

  9. Trent says:

    Absolutely right this article is not correct. The first sentence says a pitbull said to be extremely aggressive, who said this?! This was a loving family dog. I cannot believe this mans actions, and then to flee the scene , obviously he felt like he had done something wrong. Also did they have to use that picture of a pit? Of course, to further demonize the breed. Kitsalano.ca you dimwits need to get your facts straight before writing something, as of right now your losing credibility. Thanks for being part of the problem you idiots.

  10. Janelle says:

    Hi Jen. I provided the short update based on the facts available to us at the time as soon as the initial story surfaced. You will see that kitsilano.ca has provided an update. As to your other point, my two year old son is afraid of dogs and would never approach a strange dog. That said, he is approached by an off leash dog almost every day at Kits beach….

  11. Dog lover says:

    Children are not on leashes. It could have been a child. We all need to remember that a pit bull was bred for fighting. Not to say that ALL pit bulls are aggressive, but it’s built in a certain way from it’s stature, agility to it’s very powerful jaws. A small dog (in this case pug) if were to have the same aggression couldn’t inflict the same amount of damage. A great white shark is not the same as a nurse shark. If you aren’t able to do the work to train and control your pitbull so it doesn’t end up hurting anything, then do not get this type of dog! Get a pug instead.

  12. Dog Lover says:

    What an irresponsible dog owner….the guy with the Pug…he certainly didnt need to kill the Pit Bull after he let go of his dog. If he doesnt do jail time…I will see to it this man is stabbed until dead.

  13. Ridiculous says:

    Any one who says the pitbull deserved that is extremely arrogant and delusional. The pitbull was approached, not the other way around. And I would like to know the injuries incurred on the pug, I doubt they were severe enough to justify death. As a boxer breed owner, i can sympathize with the pitbull owner, in that people over react with certain dog breeds (even though boxers are known to be absolutely harmless and gentle, they get confused for aggressive dogs). I guarantee if the pug approached a golden retriever, and the retriever snapped, the man would not have stabbed the dog to death. People’s stigmas on pitbulls need to be adjusted, it’s the owner that can make a dog aggressive, don’t categorize all of them as being vicious.