Add a Photo to an Interactive Mosaic of Canada to Win a DSLR Camera


mosaic-505x532Calling all aspiring photographers. That should be almost everyone these days. There’s a cool, new photo mosaic project in the works now. If you participate by submitting a photo of Canada, you have a chance to win some fancy photography gear–specifically a Nikon D5200 camera . The deadline is November 29. Here’s how it works.

Contest Details: The Finding Yourself in Canada Project

Canadian classified site Kijiji is sponsoring the Finding Yourself in Canada Project. The project celebrates everything Canadians and tourists love about Canada including the scenery, energy, and emotion.

You upload photos taken in Canada from your computer, Facebook, or Instagram account. Then you tag the images with an emotion. The images collected will create mosaics that represent three different emotions about how people feel about Canada — happiness, adventurous and romantic. The more images submitted, the higher the resolution the mosaic will become.

Why is Kijiji doing it? Well they could have paid for an eye-grabbing ad. But the classified site preferred to engage their users with a crowd-sourced, interactive art project.

What kind of photos should you upload?

Anything that says Canada to you. Canada is multicultural. Canada invented poutine. Canada is the nation that spawned Ryan Gosling. Canada is chock full of unspoiled natural beauty. And so much more. Anything that means Canada to you is acceptable.

Kijiji’s Andrew Lee hopes contributors will help show others why Canada is really THE place to be. He says: “Over time, the mosaics will become like a living art project, where visitors can browse the images of others segmented by emotions in a way that gives them insight into how others feel connected to all of the incredible places that Canada has to offer.”

The Prize:

When you submit an image or images, you will be entered into a raffle to win a new DSLR camera. Enter your email address when you submit your images, and you will be contacted if your name is chosen.

Last modified: November 6, 2013

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