Best Fall Craft Cocktails in Kitsilano



As the nights turn damp and foggy, we’re like the idea of staying indoors for a drink. Kitsilano bars and pubs are offering seasonal craft cocktails that will keep you cozy this fall.

Here are a few combinations you’ll want to try.

Best Fall Craft Cocktails in Kitsilano

Smoked daiquiris at Oakwood Canadian Bistro
The drink specials often change, but here’s an example of the goodness possible on any given Saturday night. Think you don’t like daiquiris? Bartender David Matthew Mott may change your mind. He’s mixed chambord, smoked rum, vodka, amaretto, lemon and a hint of maple for a warming sipper.

Copper & Peat at the Bimini
With Absolut Elyx, Ardbeg 10yr, dry vermouth and house-brined cocktail onions, this is a one-of-a-kind martini ‘burnt’ with one of the world’s peatiest single malt scotch whiskies. The onion brings a surprisingly sweet finish to an otherwise grown up cocktail.

The Beagle Manhattan at Regal Beagle
The fall flavour of cinnamon infused bourbon is set off by Angostura bitters, sweet vermouth and a flash of orange oil.

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Last modified: October 28, 2013

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