Need Kitsilano Restaurant Intel? Tag Along on a Kitsilano Food Tour


TastingPlatesWest4_CulpritCoffeeInterested in learning more about Kitsilano’s restaurant and food truck scene? An easy way to discover many eateries in one go is to take a tasting tour. Even if you’re already a dedicated Kitsilano foodie, you’ll learn something new. I joined the Kitsilano tour Tasting Plates West 4th organized by Vancouer Foodster Richard Wolak.

I purchased my ticket online, and then traded it in for a “stamp card”/map on the day of the event. Eight restaurants on West 4th Avenue participated, as well as one food truck that was parked at the corner of West 4th and Vine. Each restaurant gave visitors a tasting plate or a  sample size of some of their foods.

Here are the highlights with plenty of food photos:

Culprit Coffee
2028 Vine Street, Kitsilano, 604-730-0133,

At Culprit I had a sample plate of their in-house gluten-free baked goods.
-Baguette with raspberry chia jam
-White chocolate and honey pecan brittle cookie with Maldon sea salt
-Chocolate raspberry financier (my fav)!!


Guanaco Food Truck
(604) 442-2374,

I crossed the street from Culprit and went to where the Guanaco Food Truck was parked!
This was my second time tasting some of the yummy Guatemalan food.
I had a sample Pork Pupusa plate that had:
-Hand-made tortilla filled with Pork chicharrón* , vegetables, cheese, loroco and savory refried black beans
-Fired Cassava (sooo good!)
-ColeSlaw with a spicy salsa


Las Margaritas
1999 W 4th Ave, Kitsilano, 604-734-7117,

Then I walked down West 4th to Las Margaritas
There I sampled:
-Chips & Salsa (home-made)
-Cochinita Pibil Tostada
-Chicken Taquito
-Scallop Ceviche


Romer’s Burger Bar
1873 West 4th, Kitsilano, 604-732-9545,

Next up, Romer’s Burger Bar. I really like burgers and was excited to go there because I’d never tried their burgers before.
I was also interested because they use LOCAL ingredients!
There I sampled:
-The Standard with aged cheddar. Here’s more info: Heritage farms Angus beef, vibe ripened tomatoes, crisp iceberg, sweet onions, house made spicy pickles. Served on theirsignature brioche bun and “R” sauce.

-Magic Mushroom: Heritage farms Angus beef, sautéed onions and portobello mushrooms, organic arugula and house made aioli. Served on their signature brioche bun and topped with creamy Boursin.

-SoCal Turkey Burger
Organic Fraser valley house made turkey patty with Soliagiatti tomatoes, avocado, red onions and watercress. Served on their signature brioche bun with chipotle aioli.


Then I walked back up the hill to:

O5 Rare Tea Bar

2208 West 4th Ave, Kitsilano, 604-558-0500,

There I sampled:
-Premium fresh ground matcha (shot)
-Ghorka kombucha tea
-Jamaican candied hibiscus flower
O5 Tea Bar is also a place on West 4th that I’d never been to before. The staff there was very nice and friendly in explaining all about what we were sampling. The candied hibiscus flowers tasted so good that I had to buy some, and am going to try making it myself!


Jackson’s Meat
2214 W 4th Ave, (604) 738-6328,

Also very delicious: Finnochio Sausage from Jackson’s Meat. I bought some of those to bring home as well.

Next time you are in Kitsilano on West 4th, make sure to stop in to some of these great restaurants and food shops!

Last modified: October 16, 2013

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