Life is too short to fret about Halloween costumes.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of easy kids’ costumes you can throw together with simple clothes, some face-paint and basic craft supplies. We’ve also covered where to source Halloween costume supplies in Kitsilano.

bunch_of_grapes1) A bunch of grapes: Pin some green or purple balloons on to a brown sweater and tights and complete the look with a green toque and some green felt leaves.

2) A pirate: A big white shirt, black bandana, red sash and cardboard eye-patch make a fun and easy pirate costume.

3) A cow: Sew or glue some black felt “spots” on white leggings and a sweater and add a frayed black rope for the tail.

4) Strongman: Make a barbell from two black balloons glued to a cardboard tube. Dress in some cute shorts and a stripped t-shirt and draw on a cute curly moustache with some face-paints or an eye-liner pencil.

5) A bat: Sew two black felt ears to a black hoodie and glue or stitch a pair of garbage bag wings to the sleeves.

6) Elmo: Dress in a red sweater and pants and pop on a red toque with two small red felt ears and two Styrofoam eyeballs glued on the top for a costume that takes about 10 minutes to throw together.

7) Sunflower: Sew yellow craft foam petals onto a ribbon to tie around your child’s face and dress them all in green for the stem.

Some rights reserved by kellyhogaboom 8) A Despicable Me minion: Make the minion Goggles by cutting two rings from a paper towel tube, painting them silver and stapling them together, and then to some black elastic. Put on a yellow hat, yellow sweater and a pair of overalls to complete the look.

9) Rocket Man: Wrap two Pringles cans and party hats in aluminum foil or duct tape. Add some streamers to make a fabulous rocket that can be strapped on with ribbon.

10) A spider: Stuff two pairs of black tights with paper to make the legs, dress in black and throw on a black toque for a classic spider costume.

Where to Source Halloween Costume Supplies in Kitsilano

The Kitchen Corner Store on 4th Avenue and Dollar and Classic Gifts and Superior Dollar stores, both located on Broadway, are packed with crafting goodies. If you need to buy some clothes, check out American Apparel, Please Mum and the Salvation Army stores. Don’t forget to browse new and used costumes for sale in the online Vancouver classifieds.

  • The Kitchen Corner, 1955 West 4th Avenue, 604-734-4244
  • Dollar and Classic Gifts, 2881 West Broadway, 604-737-4244
  • Superior Dollar Store, 3287 West Broadway, 604-569-3196
  • American Apparel, 2242 West 4th,  604-733-7050
  • Please Mum, 3071 West Broadway Street, 604-732-4574
  • Salvation Army, 1906 West 4th Avenue (at Cypress), 604-737-2444

Last modified: October 12, 2017

3 Responses to " 10 Quick and Easy Homemade Kids’ Halloween Costumes "

  1. Jen says:

    All great ideas – I especially love the grapes, if the balloons pop you can be raisins.

    But couldn’t there be a strongwoman option too, sans moustache???

  2. Orla Sturgess says:

    A strongwoman would be fabulous 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    Hahaha. I love the picture of the minions. Will get one for my youngest boy. He is just crazy about them.

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