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Childcare in Vancouver is a hot topic. With a shortage of childcare spaces and high childcare costs ($14,000-$20,000 per household per year) many Kitsilano families make big sacrifices. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. If you find the perfect childcare spot, you can pay the rates. If you can’t get into the right childcare program or don’t want to use childcare, one parent may choose to stay home and you’ve got a single income family. Others opt for another sort of compromise: parent cooperatives, a full-time nanny, a part-time nanny or a nanny share.

Figuring out which solution works best for you and your family isn’t easy. You need to determine what you’re comfortable with in terms of time apart from your child. You also need to know what kind of childcare environment makes you comfortable. In this post, we’re going to cover the pros and cons of one form of flexible childcare: the nanny share.

What is a nanny share? A nanny share “enables two families to use one nanny and share the costs of employing the nanny between them.”

The Perks of a Nanny Share

1) Better quality care for less money–assuming you pick a great nanny. You’re paying only 50% of his/her wage. At the same time you’re benefiting from a lower child/caregiver ratio than in childcare programs.

2) Less commuter time. Typically two families who share a nanny alternate houses. So you won’t have to pack a bag and lose time dropping your child off a a daycare centre every day.

3) Unlike a regular nanny scenario, a nanny share still gives your child the benefit of social interaction.

4) It’s often easier for parents of kids under one. Childcare spaces for infants in Vancouver are the most difficult to find.

5) It’s flexible, unlike childcare, should your schedule change.

6) You develop a long term relationship with a family with a child of the same age.

The Cons of a Nanny Share

1) Finding the right family to nanny share with takes time.

2) Both families need to be present for nanny interviews. With young children, finding the time to schedule all this can be daunting.

3) Nanny share placements are more expensive than single nanny placements up front.

4) If one family cancels, the other family is left with the contract.

5) There’s more coordination required for food, field trips, transportation etc.

Have you tried a nanny share in Kitsilano? Tell us about your experience below.

Looking for a nanny share in Kitsilano or Greater Vancouver? Certain agencies such as Nannies on Call set up nanny share placements for a fee.  Check the online classified lists  of families looking for child care in Vancouver to start the search for a potential family match. Browse a general list of Vancouver childcare and nanny classifieds to find your nanny.

Last modified: September 12, 2013

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