Nook Restaurant Takes Over Rossini’s Beach-Front Spot at 1525 Yew Street


shapeimage_4Mike Jeffs and Nicole Welsh, owners of the West End Italian restaurant Nook, are set for a Kitsilano expansion. Nook will take over the old Rossini’s spot at 1525 Yew Street, a pretty phenomenal address just up from Kits beach. I walked by today and the completely renovated restaurant looks very close to making its debut. Rumor is the grand opening is expected sometime this week. The menu is expected to be similar to the Denman location – think pizzas, pasta and salads – with more casual take-out lunch options too.

I hope to be wowed by the new location but, admittedly, I still long to see people dancing to live jazz and spilling out of Rossini’s in the middle of a Saturday afternoon as they did for almost 20 years. readers – If you check it out be sure to let us know how it is!

Nook, 1525 Yew Street (expected July 2013), 604.568.4554 (Denman location contact),

Last modified: July 18, 2013

2 Responses to " Nook Restaurant Takes Over Rossini’s Beach-Front Spot at 1525 Yew Street "

  1. Goddessdee says:

    It’s now open, and it’s fabulous! They have coffee and takeout on one side of the restaurant early in the day and the rest of the place opens up for dinner at 5:00.

  2. Bill Barilko says:

    How could this place be so ‘fabulous’ when it only just opened?

    Please save the spam for your friends/family and let the rest of us decided how to spend our money without your nonsense.

    BTW-Sorry to burst your bubble but the opening of Thai Basil on Cornwall is much more exciting to Vancouver foodies in the know.