Summer Decadence: Duck Fat Doughnuts at Granville Island + Lucky’s Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich



Forget for a moment that it’s swimsuit season. Allow your mind to contemplate deep fried, carnival-worthy food such as duck fat doughnut holes and a doughnut and gelato ice cream sandwich. You can find both of these limited edition summer treats at establishments in or near Kitsilano.

Little Duckers Doughnut Take-Out Window is now open at Edible Canada on nearby Granville Island. Edible Canda, BC’s locavore culinary tourism leader, first launched their take-out window in 2012 with a wildly successful bacon theme. This year, it’s deep-fried duck fat doughnuts. The doughnut balls are made to share and come in varieties including Bring the Payne ($6) with spicy maple syrup and BC sea salt, Chubs MaGrubs, with a Quebec Rougie Fois Gras centre ($10),  Nutty Duckers ($6), with Fraser Valley honey and Agassiz Hazelnuts, and When Sticky Pigs Fly ($6), with double smoked bacon and salted caramel.

Meanwhile at Lucky’s Doughnuts on West 4th, you can get your paws on summer goodness known as the Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich. Lucky’s asks eaters: why consume just one food trend when you can eat two at once? Made fresh to order, a vanilla glazed yeast-raised chocolate doughnut is cut in half and filled with a house-made vanilla spice gelato that also contains tender chunks of old-fashioned doughnut. That’s right, doughnut ice cream inside a doughnut. The whole thing is finished off with a drizzle of white chocolate over the top for $5. So next time you hear the ice cream man circle Kits Beach, hold out and walk four blocks or so to Lucky’s for a grown-up treat.

Edible Canada, 1595 Johnson Street, 604-682-6681,

Lucky’s Doughnuts, 2198 West 4th Avenue, 604.420.4901,

Last modified: September 5, 2013

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